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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Free bed to a good home
I am trying to get rid of a
  • Metal bedframe, good condition

  • Twin mattress, 23 years old but still in reasonable condition except for the plastic cover (cloth undamaged)

  • Twin mattress pad, matching

  • Twin sheet set, including fitted sheet, one pillowcase, one very old and flat pillow

I will give it for free to anybody who will haul it away. I live in Redmond, WA, near Microsoft. So far, I've been unsuccesful finding anybody among people I know, so I figure anybody in the wider social network of people who can be pointed to this LiveJournal entry will do. CraigsList won't take it due to concerns about bed parasites. Which is reasonable, as you have only my word that this bed is free of them; I've slept on it enough to have great confidence, and spent many afternoons and evenings sitting on it playing video games.

This is a perfectly good bed and I'd much prefer to give it away than have it thrown out. The only reason I want to dispose of it is that it is the wrong furniture for my current use, and a two-bedroom apartment with one bedroom converted into a media room does not have space for an extra bed. As soon as a pickup time is agreed upon, I'm going to buy a futon and schedule it for delivery shortly thereafter; it's much better for sitting upon and playing video games. Wanting a futon instead of this twin bed is the only reason I'm disposing of it.

My mate and I can probably wrestle it down the stairs of our apartment and load it onto your suitably large vehicle. The bedframe should be reasonably simple to disassemble, as it's just metal bolted together, but it will probably take some time to do so and not disassembling it would be preferble. I'll get more details on this if anybody asks, at which time I'll remove the LEGO Mindstorms set and dirty socks from under the bed and crawl under it to find out how bad a task it would actually be.

Please respond soon if you're interested. I'll be posting to East King County Freecycle if I don't hear anything over the weekend.

I figure among all the people I know, a few of whom are local, there might be someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who acted in a movie with Kevin Bacon needs a twin bed.

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will the Goodwill come haul it? Or other charity like that? I ask because I will need to be getting rid of a queen mattress soonish...

I doubt goodwill will, and I think that they, the Salvation Army and other places that raise money by running thrift stores will not be able to accept any pieces except the metal frame.

That's correct, as a matter of law; they'd have to sterilize the mattress properly, and it's not cost-effective for them to do so. Techniclly, I'm liable if the bed is infested when I give it away, and I'm probably violating the same law, but it's hard to argue that giving away a bed is wrong and it would be laughed out of court unless the bed actually is infested- a risk a company can't take on a repeated scale.

check with the homeless shelters (those who run them) - I'm pretty sure they're always in need of free stuff. Although, you'll want to speak with someone on the phone or somesuch - live - to knock out pickup times and stuff.

so the shelters can take stuff like that? weird... (thanks for the info above, btw)

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