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Something interesting I just realized: I trust Microsoft Security a lot more than I trust any branch of the American government.

Every workday, I lock my bike on a rack in front of Microsoft's cameras, walk through a courtyard monitored by Microsoft's cameras, wave a smartcard badge with an RFID chip matched to me at a security gate, walk through a lobby with six security cameras in it, head up a staircase monitored by one for each flight of stairs, walk down two hallways (passing three cameras along the way), and work within range of a security camera mounted in the hall between four offices. The door-reader reports to MS Security's central server with every activation, and "so Security knows what building you are in" is one of the reasons actively given for why people aren't supposed to let others into the building, no matter how closely they're following each other otherwise.

I would never tolerate that sort of thing from the government. "So we know where you are" is exactly a reason not to cooperate. Cameras that omnipresent controlled by the government would not be something I'd appreciate, even though I don't mind as much that private security companies use them extensively.

I guess it's all in who I trust to actually have best-interests that align with mine. Microsoft pays me because they believe that my work has more value than the amount of money they're giving me, and I would be costly to replace and retrain. The government has no such practical obligation to me. Or maybe it's that Microsoft has a better track record with privacy and individual respect; I haven't yet had cause to develop active distrust, at least not to the same extent.

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