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Well, I've gotten my first version of the RetrievalBot complete. It's a track-chassis Roverbot (one of the basics in the Lego Mindstorms Constructopedia) with a single bumper on the back, and a homebrew odd spring-ish arm.

Pics: (all images are 800x600, hence just links)
Side view of the robot.
Side view, with the retrieval arm fully up. It can continue another 90 degrees forward to pin an object. (Hand, shirt, and pants belong to my father.)
Top view of the robot.
A front view of the robot.
Last pic: front view of the robot, arm up. The hand in the image supporting the arm is mine.

And yes, the robot's arm is able to move on its own; it just hasn't been programmed yet, hence is off, and therefore is not powering the motor.

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