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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Yes, this has something to do with my birthday being in a week
color cycle (slow)

*squeak* *squeak*
Sometimes I have cuddly moods. Sometimes I have silly moods. Sometimes these overlap. Picture by Alexia (I think?), commissioned as a gift by someone who prefers to remain anonymous.

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x3 Shiny! with both meanings of the word!

EEEeeee and there he is, all puffy and proud looking. Very awesome birthday gift, from whoever got it for you :D.

aaaand, happy birthday in advance, because I suck and will forget by then.

Don't worry about it. I try to have my birthday ignored because I only do things about other peoples' birthdays on an extremely infrequent basis and it seems unfair to have it get more than a passing mention; it got noted here only because I needed some context in which to post this! But the sentiment is appreciated nonetheless. :)

I grok. I sometimes make a big deal about mine & throw myself a party; other times, I just want it a bit more quiet.

3 birthdays from now, I'm having a bash. It's my kickoff to being The Ultimate Answer, so, you know, I gotta celebrate and enjoy my status.

Aha, inflatable stuff reminds me of that Kaijima dick. D:

Do not want!

What day is your birthday, anyway? :D

If you wish to pursue your vendetta against Kai with negligible context when he has not, as far as I can tell, done anything recently to particularly wrong you (in which I mean "recently" to mean "in a not-formerly-addressed way), you are invited to do so on your own journal. If you really just can't stand him due to personal differences and you just have to tell the entire world about it, I'd prefer if you made yourself look like a total mouth-breather in your little slice of the Web instead of mine.

In less pointlessly argumentative news, I turn 22 on June 8th. Or A HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS OF MY IMMORTAL POWER, except not. (Does anybody sincerely try to measure age cross-incarnation? I've come up with ballpark estimates, shrugged my shoulders, and not cared greatly. People who try to be more specific and, to wit, count it exactly, confuse me greatly, not least because a "year" is a rather planet-local definition rather than some universal constant.)

Now here's a question.. given that there's no such thing as simultaneity, does it even make sense to think of cross-incarnation lifespan? Either there has to be a preferred frame of reference (no planets going at near-c with respect to others) or it's biological time that counts... and in the latter case, does that mean that a fish that lives a year but "polls" time (or however it works) ten times as often as a human, has an equivalent, biological, lifespan of ten years?

And oops, now that I've written the entire paragraph up there; only now do I see that you referenced it in your last sentence. Well, I'll leave it here, because this thread needs a counterweight to said vendetta :)

(Here's something to really think about. Does the exercise of free will reduce entropy in the universe?)

Wow, you make for one gorgeous deflatable toy! I just wanna drag you into my nest and cuddle all day long. Who drew it?

If it is Alexia, then that'd be this one.. though that picture isn't up there, at least not yet.

Oh, and squeak! :)

*squeak* Hooray for squeaky mythologicals! (^^>

Hrm... That looks exactly like Kaijima's style. I haven't heard from him in ages, but I think that he goes by a few handles and still hangs around in some places online these days.

Happy upcoming birthday to you, and all that jazz!

Mostly I just wanted to comment and go "Hey, I know that artstyle! I'm glad that dude is still alive and kicking, after dropping out of the public eye of the internet. I always liked his essays and stories."

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