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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Guests and microblogging
color cycle (slow)
Yesterday, hypnodragon came up for a visit, and he's on a plane back to California now. He was heading up to the area to help with something in his family (which is up to him to talk about), and was disappointed that he wouldn't have a chance to visit me despite being that close by- well, we did manage to work it out, and got his mate in on the visit as well via some dramatically laggy Super Smash Bros. Brawl online. Food was eaten, games were played, speech was talked, and it was fun and a reminder that I like having guests. I just wish the visit could have been longer!

The Wii is working great, and the complaints about its color not being as good as a GameCube's for GameCube games are observed, but- to my untrained eyes- trivial relative to the imperfect color reproduction of my television. I'm hanging onto the GameCube anyway, though- it's the only way I can play pre-Advance Game Boy games (via its Game Boy Player), and its resale value is all but nil anyway.

I've finally gotten around to giving Twitter a try. I don't update nearly often enough here- I have things I want to observe, but I feel they're too short for an LJ post, or I've forgotten by the time I get to a computer. So I guess I'll have Twitter for that, and one of the tools that collates Twitter posts to LiveJournal on a regular basis. My username on Twitter is "kistaro", as usual, and we'll see how often I wind up posting when frequent short updates are encouraged and it's just my PDA away.

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His LJ name is hypnodragon ;)

And I'm glad he was able to find time to hang out with you :) We should exchange brawl codes too~

Fix'd. That's what I get for not paying enough attention.

Watch this space; I'll post my Wii and Brawl codes publically soon. And, for that matter, codes for my 11 or 12 WFC-enabled DS games. I need to shove those in my user profile, too.

The slideshow Brawlfest was fun x3 if not different. I'm thrilled the darling had such a good time x3 he wouldn't quit saying how great it was on the phone >> that makes me happy <3

And I keep seeing this Twitter thing mentioned places.. I suppose it's about time I actually look into it

Well, I can safely say that I had a great time as well! Thank you for everything, I'm glad that I could actually make it down to see you two. I also found out that the Wii has some pretty cool features, and that Kisty is, indeed, a great chef!

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