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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Chess, Exercise, and Video Games
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I'm much healthier than I used to be. This makes me happy.

Rewind ten months: walking my recumbent bike up a mile of unpleasantly steep hill, panting, taking several hours at it, running through huge quantities of water, way beyond my limit, sore for days.

This evening: Riding a standard bike up the same hill (in a low gear, of course), in under 30 minutes, carrying 35 lbs. of groceries in grocery-bag carriers on the back, wearing a backpack with 3/4 gallon of orange juice, arriving at the top, and feeling "is that all?" With Rakeela on the recumbent, carrying the Wii.

It's not so hard to get anymore, it seems, nor are bundles being forced. Not to say we didn't buy ourselves a sufficient collection of accessories, but we weren't forced to buy crap we don't want. (Most notably: no required store warranty.) Although we did take advantage of the buy-2-get-one-free deal the GameCrazy has with the purchase of any new video game console; we were incredibly lucky and all of our top three were available. I still can't believe we found a used copy of Brawl.

So my Wii is currently adding several free channels to its lineup, and I plan to buy an SD card tomorrow. (All of my SDs are in use.)

I'm also eating leftovers from the best Asian restaurant I've ever eaten at. Rakeela took us there, having eaten there and been extremely impressed herself once. Huge portions- I've stll got enough for tomorrow's lunch, and the food quality is excellent. It was better fresh than it is reheated, but most things are like that and it's certainly not something I can complain about. Rakeela wandered in extremely hungry and desparate the first time; it looked like a restaurant of last resort, with peeling paint on the front entrance, and neon signs advertising alcohol and their bar. Go inside, and the walls were cluttered with decorations, but well-maintained, and the seating was fine- but then, for all that, the food was excellent. Well, I never saw cluttered walls- Rakeela had made small talk with the owner while impressed with the meal last itme, and suggested the decor change. All I saw was a beautiful restaurant that didn't bely its hole-in-the-wall appearance from the street... I'll have to go back some time, and maybe take pictures. Apparently, their bar is extremely profitable, and the restaurant part just sort of stays afloat- but it's excellent food, they just don't advertise nearly well enough. They could charge twice as much and it'd be fair- I just don't want to tell them that...

Food aside- I've also found myself interested in Chess again. I bought Chessmaster last weekend (via Steam) when it was on sale, and I've found that I have much more patience for it than I did a decade ago. The game is a lot more fun when it makes more sense- and the Chessmaster tutorials do that well, tutorials I never had the patience for back in the Windows 95 days (my previous version of Chessmaster, which totally doesn't work). I'm still very much a n00b, but at least I can beat the easy-level computers now... Perhaps the game will become more clear to me, with time, and I intend to learn.

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interested in www.gameknot.com? I play chess online with some friends from the UK and a few others from all around.

I highly endorse the above service and/or product.

which restaurant? I am always looking for good food... :)

And congrats on the physical rehab. It's hard, but soooooo worth it (says the woman at the cusp of her 5th year of physical therapy).

This'd be the Grand Peking, so I'm pretty sure you already know about the place!

I'm not in the shape I want to be in yet. I was stronger and leaner when I was in judo class, but I do have better endurance now than judo gave me. But just a bicycle lifestyle seems to be enough to keep me reasonably healthy.

oh yeah, they are QUITE yummy!!

I am strangely still in better shape now even though i'm not exercising, because i can do so much more. 5 years of rehabbing the body have been --- amazing.

you're fte, you can even go to the pro club--but i always hated the place. too many "see me, see who i'm with" kind of people...

I've been there twice. It was enough for me to know it was a total waste of the "Stay Fit" benefit that I'd be better off just taking the money and running with. Which is exactly what I'll be doing, come November; a bike lifestyle, an apartment complex with a tennis court, and a Dance Dance Revolution set combine to be enough for me.

Yay fitness! Now just build up for long-distance hiking and take a summer off to walk the Pacific Crest Trail ... ];=8)

But seriously, you should give Go a try. I've enjoyed it much more than I ever did with chess. It's easier by far to play games against people of differing skill levels, and always feels much less zero-sum to me.

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