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I get around

This was an athletic weekend.

Friday evening, Rakeela and I went to our usual some-friday-evenings hangout- Rakeela by bicycle much earlier in the day, and I by bus. She'd been at the Redmond Library for most of the day, to escape the heat of the day, since our apartment isn't air-conditioned and our desktop computers tend to run hot. (Computers that need fans on the processor, the graphics card, and the sound card tend to generate a bit of excess warmth...) I had been planning to bus back, so I was less than thrilled when Rakeela informed me that she'd been planning for us to walk back, instead; I was okay with it, but significantly less okay when I discovered that Rakeela was planning on just wandering around for a while, trying new routes. There are some things I'm not inclined to do after a full day of work...

We did eventually get back home; Rakeela thought it was too humid- I was fine with that, I just thought it was too late in the day. But we got more exercise in the next day anyway: we biked (hot though it was) to Uwajimaya for lunch, then to the thrift store for lots and lots of pants, then onward to investigate futons to replace the bed in the guest bedroom (the bed is fine, we'd just prefer something with a back to sit on and play video games on. Free twin bed w/ mattress available to anybody who will haul it away. Redmond area. E-mail if interested.), and finally to buy a small LED light for the bathroom (so we don't have to turn on the overly bright main lights every time we want to take a leak in the middle of the night) at Fred Meyer and then home. Which was a reasonable amount of biking, if unpleasantly warm; more importantly, I now have more shorts that fit, and Rakeela has pants to repalce those that haven't stood up to bicycle usage very well.

Today, the weather was cooler- a good day for a long pointless bike ride! So to hand in the DVD I borrowed from the library a couple weeks ago (it had accumulated a hold recently, so I couldn't renew it again), we went way past the nearest library and went on down to Bellvue. So we went to the library, got mildly lost when I misread my map, ate lunch that turned into dinner because we never went grocery shopping so my dinner plans are getting pushed back a day, and came back. This is a total of over ten miles of biking in a day- which isn't much, but it's the most I've ever done, and I don't feel sore or overly tired this time- I'm getting in shape, and I like that.

The weather was excellent for this today, and we went through some interesting neighborhoods. The low point was losing one of the bags off the side of my bike; we have no idea where it went and I sincerely hope that it serves some homeless person well. I lost it near where I passed the camps of three different homeless people, so there's a pretty high chance of that, all things considered. (I know why the bag fell off; the locking hook strap is a bit too long. On my remaining bag, I'm going to hem the strap up an inch, and I'll do the same with the replacement I plan to buy tomorrow.) And an interesting feature was dinner; it was, without a doubt, the best meal I've ever had from a Denny's. Which, I suppose, isn't saying much; it was, however, one of the better meals of that genre I've had. It probably helps that Rakeela and I were, when we ordered, the only customers; the waiter and chef were nowhere to be seen at the start, but more staff appeared as it became known that they actually had people eating. And I guess the best advertising for a restaurant is people eating at it; we were wondering if they were open at all, but a lot more people came in about 20 minutes after we began our meal.

Speaking of food, I can smell (from the open windows) that one of our neighbors has made curry again, and it still smells good. I really need to track down who that is and ask for the recipe. Would it be too weird to canvass the apartment complex with "hey, someone around here cooks curry that smells really good; if it's you, can you please leave a copy of the recipe on the clip outside my door?" in the area my nose leads me to? Probably, so I guess I'll have to never know, and search for curry recipes on my own. Recommendations would be appreciated.

So I'm all tired now, but this weekend was a lot of fun. And it was good exercise, and it showed me just how much farther I can bike now than I thought I could- miles further than I could two years ago, when hills shallower than the ones we took today got me exhausted and winded in less than a quarter of the distance.

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