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Now you're thinking with portals

Earlier in the week, Rakeela and I finally did what we hadn't gotten around to for a while: bought The Orange Box. To save the $10, I bought it online; twelve hours of downloading later, and it's what I've been playing for the last few evenings. It helps that we've got a new graphics card (nVidia GeForce 880GT) for our higher-end computer, our lower-end computer has the graphics card that this one had been using, and its graphics card is going to be sent to someone else. Such is the cycle of computer hardware.

I've been enjoying Portal. It's as short as they say, but it's an enjoyable brief interlude. I've really been enjoying Half-Life 2, though- possibly more. I want to try Team Fortress 2, but I think I need to get better at FPS games in general first. They're not something I have a lot of experience with; no time like the present to learn, I suppose. Although I've got a different game coming that interests me more- the software is open-source, but the hardware is less available. But I'll have a StepMania-based Dance Dance Revolution-ish setup by tomorrow, if UPS doesn't get delayed. It's cardio exercise, right?

Of course, I'm having my usual problem- I'm failing to write LiveJournal posts on the things that interest me, getting paralyzed by the amount of time they'd need to be addressed properly, so all you get is drivel like this. I'm trying to fix this habit.

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