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I can touch the wall of sound and feel alive

So as I think I may have posted about at the time- a few months ago, the center channel of the 5.1 surround system I bought from Woot went bang and never worked again. The speaker was fine; somewhere in the amp, something blew, and I abruptly had a 4.1 system balanced to be used either as 5.1 or 2.1. And I had a surround-sound headset, which started sounding better than what was left of the system, so I found myself relying on that; the remainder of the speaker system is now serving as a 2.1 audio system for my television, which (as with most televisions) has an awful excuse for built-in sound.

So finding the Logitech X-540 on sale at Circuit City (I know, I know) for $50 after rebate (I know, I know) got me in a cheerful mood, and made me heavily modify my grocery shopping plans ("all right, what can I buy given that I'll have to haul a box two feet on a side on the bus?"), and when I got home, had me working with Rakeela (skinned knee and all- there was a minor bike accident last Friday, but all's well. Mostly, anyway; the bike is at a bike shop and is under repair, but a standard tune-up will be enough to fix everything that got messed up in the crash) to switch the positions of my comptuers so I can get a better layout for surround speakers than the one I was using previously.

The upshot to this is that I have 5.1 again, which makes me irrationally cheerful. The system sounds better than the previous one- it's more than good enough for me, for now; it'll be a few years before I feel financially comfortable enough to get a high-end system, and I may or may not bother even then. It's a system with good directionality, even response across frequencies, and a better interface than the last one- I can change the volume without crawling behind the subwoofer under the desk, which is a feature that should never be taken for granted until one tries to use a system that lacks it.

I guess I have to admit that I'm an audio geek. I really like having a good sound system, and I can't understand how anybody can use an iPod given its terrible audio response and fuzzy sound; using the earphones that come with it moves to even more incredible degrees of incomprehensibility. I'm not yet to the point where I refuse to use anything but FLAC, but I do cringe at MP3s less than 160Kbps. And yes, I find myself preferring to have a 5-speaker system for 2-channel music. Although it helps finding out where I'm being shot from playing Freespace and a handful of other games; it's not quite as handy for Sonic the Hegehog, though- a more common usage scenario for me.

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