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A Cheerful Sort Of Day

I'm not used to springtime in Redmond yet. Just when I'd gotten to think it was going to stay in the 50 range for a while longer, we get a beautiful 71-degree sunny day, and we're not well-prepared to do a great deal with it: Rakeela's legs were sore from discovering that 3x9 is actually the best gear on the bike for her, but her legs weren't quite adapted to it yet. So it was not a tennis day, not that it would have been anyway; two tennis courts are probably not enough to go around with weather like that.

So after grilling turkey burgers for lunch, I spent the day sitting on the balcony reading Dresden Files books, except for occasional intermissions to do laundry stuff. And then to cook spaghetti for dinner, reading more in the downtime. At the start of the month, my preferred ebook seller- Fictionwise- had a 50%-off-for-everything sale, so I bought the entire Dresden Files series, or at least what they had of it; I checked out the two they didn't have from the library, read those, and have been going quickly through the remaining seven books on my iLiad after that; I'm glad I'd been holding off buying them, because of the good timing on that sale!

I had to eat kinda quickly for my evening plans, though- and I couldn't find my Microsoft ID in time, meaning that for the first time in months I've had to pay for my own bus fare. It was onwards to Soulfood Books- the music seemed kinda interesting, but that was secondary to getting to hang out with frameacloud! We finally got around to scheduling a chance to say "hi" at each other, and it was a happy and entertaining two-and-a-half hours. meryat was there as well, and we all shared a table. It involved discussions of My Little Pony Tarot, my inability to hear the music becuase I was too busy figuring out the exact rhythm after one of the performers had mentioned that it was unusual (6:8 on the drums and 7:8 on the vocals- actually, it was 6:8 on both, with an extra synocopated (sp?) beat added), conversations on getting drunk by association and other disadvantages of telepathy (like why I shield the dice when playing backgammon against clarivoyant friends), and similar discussions of such a nature.

frameacloud, it was great to meet you, and I'd love to schedule another chance to hang out some time! Perhaps somewhere less loud, but Soulfood Books was the most accessible interesting place I could think of at the time.

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