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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Computers, scooters, parents
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So on Sunday, I tried to back up my computer.

My collection of multimedia, plus assorted computer software and documents, does not back up easily. After Nero's estimate for the time required to burn all 67 DVDs rose from two days to a week, not counting the time we'd be sleeping instead of being ready to swap discs, I decided it was worth the expense to look for something more practical. Which is why I now have a Windows Home Server computer on the way; it's a computer the size of a toaster designed to run with neither monitor or input devices, and it'll take nightly backups of all my computers into its 1TB of storage space. Which will hold me for a little while, anyway; I'll fill its empty drive bays when that's no longer sufficient.

There's a Microsoft rebate on those (for blue-badge employees only) that expires very soon, so I had to have it shipped overnight; it'll be here tomorrow, presumably at the same time as the Razor Pro kick scooter I ordered last week. From seeing one of my classmates at it, I can call it a practical improvement in personal transportation for short distances- like, say, here to work. Or from Building 37 to Building 27, since I'm changing offices but the computer lab I have to work with frequently isn't.

It's a convenient time for an office move; nobody on the team is allowed to show up to work Thursday and Friday, because the movers don't want us in their way. So it's a free vacation, right when I'd previously scheduled my parents to come here for a visit, which is why I won't be online much this weekend- my parents will get to see what I've done with my first apartment. More importantly, they'll get to meet wyrdryn, which I'm probably much less worried about than I should be. I'm more concerned with making enough stir-fry for everybody for lunch on Thursday. My dinner plans are easier, as that's just a restaurant- my parents will get to see the restaurant I ate at immediately after my interview that got me hired as an intern two years ago.

And the time's gone so fast ever since. I still remember the interview pretty clearly, and I've still got the acceptance e-mail I was sent shortly afterwards in my archives somewhere.

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Sorry I haven't written that space reptile mail message yet, got too busy with about everything else :) But I'll try to do it before the next chat!

Oh, and good about the backup... I've been burned for lack of backup enough earlier to remember clearly (including when almost all of my and my friends' text mode games went down the drain in a disk crash; that's fun, I tell you!).

Wow, I can't believe you even considered dvds in the first place, sounds like you have a lot of stuff XD

Good luck with your parents visiting~ *noses gently*

67 DVDs which you would then have to store and fight with whenever you wanted to actually use it for that, as well. I just use my puny 100GB external drive to back up everything, I guess I really don't have many random things hiding on my hard drive. I couldn't imagine having a terrabyte.

I am also amused by the idea of yourself kicking your claws against the ground, trying to ride a tiny scooter. Flying would be faster, you know!

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