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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Jock rock and other musical travesties
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For the one or two of you who doesn't already know, I'm a subscriber to eMusic: a music service that allows a fixed number of mp3 downloads for a fixed cost per month. I've collected a wide variety of music from them, much of it good, some of it excellent, and some of it terrible.

And then there's this: rock/pop with excellent instumental work (and, inevitably, expensive production), matched with astonishingly puerile lyrics. It's from a group called the "Plain White T's", and they have two albums of this. I only inflicted one upon myself.

The album is a celebration of an immature worldview. Which would be okay; it sounds like something a high-school athletic team would put together. Except these people are older than I am. I listen to 12 songs of lyrics objectifying women (suddenly, the upset nature of feminists makes a lot more sense to me), taking a traditional life order for granted (credit-card debt to McEmployment to marraige to two kids and a condo), an entire song about how a bad breakup was wholly someone else's fault, and featuring a "how dare you visit other friends" as the centerpiece of the album. Can the infidelty with "a little geek" described as the end of a relationship in Perfect for You come as a surprise to anyone?

This worldview is completely alien to me, and I think I'm glad for that. What horrifies me the most, I suppose, is that maybe this isn't so unrepresentative of the mind of not only your average 16-year-old high-school "dude", but of college jocks as well- and beyond.

It would kind of explain a lot. And in some meta way, I'm amused that I found such inane lyrics a philosophical experience.
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"three-minute, easy-to-digest songs about relationships"

Those lyrics sound like the ultimate 18-35 exploit attempt. Let's suggest a common lifestyle so a large number of people can relate to it, and then tell a story that's likely happened to everyone, and bam, a large majority of listeners find it touching on a personal level.

It's pathetic how many people subscribe to the traditional life order just so they don't have to put a little effort into what they're doing. It's so easy when the positive reinforcement is all around you.

Might check; I think my stuff is available through eMusic, but I'm not sure... wouldya be able to check for me? :p

Your music is not available on eMusic.

I saw the Plain White Ts at a festival a few weeks ago while I was waiting for Incubus to come on... they were on the main stage but nobody paid any attention to them until they played "Hey There Delilah" which is quite a hit here in Australia but could hardly be considered a band effort. It only features the singer and an acoustic guitar (strangely played by the singer, who never played during the rest of the set). They looked just like Panic! At the Disco and they sounded just like everyone else.

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