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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Notes on a one-in-four failure rate
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So today at work was the Windows Server 2008 launch party. It was a sort of mandatory fun day; it was too loud, too crowded, and too drunken for me to enjoy most of it. Until I found where they had a DDR game for the XBOX 360 set up. I absolutely have to go buy some sort of DDR set now, once it's in my money-wasting budget again; it's excellent fun, and it seems like it's good cardio exercise, too.

They had four 360s set up- some racing game, Halo 3, DDR, and Guitar Hero.

Even Microsoft can't beat the odds. By the end of the evening, the first of those four had the Three Red Lights of Death...

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...that strikes me as far funnier than it probably should. And yes, DDR is good exercise, if kind of silly at the same time. And hard, for the uncoordinated - I somehow never manage to stay in the middle of the pad, though I can do the steps just fine standing behind someone else. :P

If you're online sometime this weekend, poke me? Friday and Sunday nights, 8:30pm your time to whenever it ends (11-12ish typically), I have raids scheduled, but any time outside that is free. Nothing important or urgent, just kinda want to talk. :)

DDR is fantastic exercise. I've been playing since 2000 and haven't become bored by it yet. Some of the domestic mixes are better than others, but most are a solid investment. I'd also recommend some thick pads instead of the completely flat and frictionless ones. They tend to run about $50 each, and my last one lasted me four years of intense play.

I really like DDR, though I don't play it nearly as often as I used to when I had a roomie who also played. Come over and play with me. It'd make it more fun again. :)

Wow, it's kinda sad that while we push the limits of what hardware can take... somehow we're getting too many failures... whee.

I wish I had my NES or SNES... because they were still running like champs after being ten years old.

Wow, that's bad.. I knew they died pretty often, but not three within one evening! I was wondering if the 65nm ones had fixed the problem, but I guess not, unless MS were using old ones.

No, this was just one of them going wrong; three of the four were okay.

Well I personally bought a dance pad for about 19$ (it was open box, originally 29$) and it is of pretty good quality- it is a foam insert pad, not just the regular soft pads. I bought it at Best Buy if you were curious. I love it, and it gives me excellent cardio- I can lose myself for hours with it!

As for the RROD...yeah, well, it's unfortunate, but sometimes people have to understand that hardware manufacturing is not perfect.

Not perfect, no; but making a consumer electronic device with as high a level of failure as the 360 is not good. I appreciate that it is a hard problem and a lot of things can go wrong, but it is a sign that things were rushed out before they were ready.

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