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Well, as is apparently my habit, I've gone way too long without making a LiveJournal entry. This time, it partially is because of a lack of notable events; I've been spending much of my attention just trying to get everything back together after the disorganization from being sick. Which my officemate also caught. Then both devs on our team. Then the other tester. Then most of upper management. I guess we all knew that Microsoft spreads viruses efficiently.

I'm about to switch banks in the very near future. I'm sick of BofA. I wanted to have some minimum amount of money in my account before making the switch, though, and at the last paycheck I finally passed the threshhold; last time I was at this threshhold, I immediately spent three thousand dollars paying off the bed. (No regrets.) This time, I immediately spent $500 solving the problems I'd been having with my TV tuner card once and for all. My old, cheap TV tuner card broke, and the new one is a high-end card that encodes MPEG2 in hardware so recording video at good quality is actually possible even with my "weak" 3.0 GHz CPU- and that encoder introduces about a quarter-second of lag between input and screen. Which doesn't matter at all for watching TV, but it completely ruins, say, Super Smash Bros.

Which is why we are no longer among the proud ranks of People Who Don't Own Televisions. We bought one, and a rather nice one at that, and rearranged the furniture to accomodate it; the guest bedroom is now an entertainment room. It still has the bed in it, and Rakeela's asleep on it at the moment, but instead of being in the center of a wall and leaving the rest of the room shaped like a "U", it's been rotated and placed as close to the sliding-door closet as will still allow access; the upshot to this is that the nearly-unusable shape of the free space in the room has all been consolidated to something convenient, exactly like how my bed was moved to give me useful space in my dorm for the first year and one of the summer semesters. And it makes the bed a good place to sit to see the screen; the consoles are on what had been the endtable, off to the side, and the controller cables are plenty long enough for that to work. So by moving furniture, we "found" a lot of extra usable space- and suddenly, all the desk space that had been taken up by the systems is now free, which should be nice for getting actual paperwork done. It's Tax Season, so that's probably a good thing.

Oh, and as for how Valentine's day went? Eh, this sums it up pretty well.

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