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I've been out sick from work since Wednesday with a cold.

Good news: the worst of the cold symptoms seem to be under control; I'm mostly on the mend.
Bad news: except for the laryngitis that just kicked in today.

Maybe really good rice will make everything better. I got good results with the five pounds of jasmine rice I bought and have cooked up as a side dish a few times, but it comes out so much better with a slightly-excessive middle-high-end rice cooker from the good brand...

Mmm. Rice.

And I'll have to make decisions about work on Monday. There's enough stuff to do that I desparately hope I can go, but I assume I'll still have laryngitis by then. What's the best way to communicate this, given the lack of voice function? I'm thinking grab one of the vertical flip pads and the twine I usually carry, write "LARYNGITIS" on the back with a permanent marker, and use the twine to make an over-the-shoulder sling-style holder for it. The practical aspect is having a flip pad with which to communicate strapped to me at all times, with no questions as to why I need it. The impractical aspect is the dignity hit, but laryngitis doesn't leave much room for that anyway.

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