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SLSC: Laser Lamer

When I work in Cyberville, one of my jobs is to operate the laser show.

This isn't as hard as it might sound. It consists of turning a key and pushing a button.

The difficult part is if some @#$% thinks it would be fun to be a pain in the @#$ by pusing the OFF button during the show. I managed to parry his thrusts, but it was rather diffcult...

urrgh. I shouldn't have to deal with it. Fixing a powerpoint slideshow to work properly, when Erik the Tech couldn't, is more my speed.

Go figure.

And why is it that small children will run away screaming for no obvious reason? Either they idolize me, or they holler their little lungs out. That's okay for a one-year-old, but a four-year-old screaming at the sight of me and running away?

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