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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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headwall, frustration
I do not have a coat that does all of the following at once:

  1. Sheds water

  2. Provides any sort of thermal insulation whatever

  3. Does not cause me to overheat when the temperature is higher than 20 degrees

This has been a problem walking to work the last few days.

At least my officemate brought in a couple of little portable heaters because our office is frigid. (The thermostat that controls it is in a three-person nine-computer office.) This is useful for drying off both my water-absorbing coat and my equally water-absorbing pants.

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I think there's an REI in reasonable distance of where you live, and that's the best place to buy a coat that fulfills specific criteria, aside from Burlington Coat Factory.

Hey, I think I know where that is- or if not the one you're thinking of, one reasonably nearby, within walking distance of the north end of Bus Route 230- at Redmond Town Center. That's almost certainly a better place to go than Fred Meyer or Sears, which would have been my first guess mostly because they're really close-by.

Well, I could always swing by and just breathe fire on you to dry you off and keep you warm! (speaking of which, to you and Waywind, I'll be in the Seattle area Dec 28th or so)

If you go, take a look at Marmot's product line, specifically the DriClime Windshirt (or seasonal equivalent). It's windbreaker weight, water-repellent, and insulates in a ridiculous variety of circumstances -- I've worn it daily in everything from our recent freezes to this summer's balmy nights.

It's not meant for real cold, but it's a fantastic general purpose outer layer. It's the only outerwear I took on the PCT, except for a thin rain jacket to deal with heavier storms.

Well, see, of course you can't meet all of those criteria at once. Number 3 is blank -- the logical negation of a requirement.

So for #s 1, 2, and 4, you need the coat to do something, and for #3, you need the coat to not do it.

The insane part about this is that I did not type the numbers. This is between a pair of <ol> tags.

On a second look through the HTML, I see what I did there, but I think I'll go ahead and not fix it.

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