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Rakeela decided that she didn't like a lot of the concepts of Thanksgiving, mostly because it involved unpleasantly crowded and overstressful family events with people she'd have wanted to see two or three at a time and was frustrated by enduring twenty at once. So our plan had been to just relax, play video games, and order out for pizza.

Did you know that Redmond has no open pizza restaurants on Thanksgiving?

Which is a surprise, coming from St. Louis; I remember all the "Burned the turkey?" advertisements by the local pizza places. It simply didn't occur to me that they might not be open here. But they weren't, and the food I had in the refrigerator was destined for the dinner I plan to cook tomorrow- well, looking at the clock, technically tonight.

Of course, if the pizza places had been open, we'd never have discovered how truly excellent the food court at the local Asian grocery store is. They were the only place nearby open on Thanksgiving- and we figured that even if their food court was closed, I could buy something to cook.

Well, we got there shortly after their food court closed; like at college, they packaged up the leftovers and sold them at a slight discount as grab-and-go sorts of meals. And if it was that good left over, I'd love to try it some time when they hadn't already been closed for a good 45 minutes...

It's fun when things work out better becuase they didn't work out.

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