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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Highlights of a mailing list
confused, buh?
Darwina Krylancelo <candysuxxx3some@*******> to truewyrm
show details 8:39 am (9 minutes ago)

I am an envoy for the great Monad:

I must know whether it be true or not that monad hath a long lost twin sister by the name Brianna. If so, then write me back, so my master may confirm if you are the one.

For those who aren't familiar with it, the Truewyrm mailing list is intended as a serious discussion forum for spirtiual dragon-people (such as myself). If this is from someone who doesn't grok that basic concept, it's mildly annoying.

If this is from someone who does and is trying to follow it, I probably shouldn't be laughing nearly as hard as I am but I am anyway.

So damn many Windows PowerShell puns I want to make. But I'm not.

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I'm eyerolling at that username.

Which is exactly why I left that portion of the email address untouched.

...something about the quoted email text is breaking my friends page. :( Fix please?

Oops! Did the quick HTML hackery (from my PDA @ work) fix it?

Yup, good now. Thanks :)

It wasn't as bad as some, but was still forcing me to scroll sideways to see the end of the line. Not really conducive to reading everything! :P

Yeah, pretty much my take on it. I am at least somewhat heartened to observe that this missive has, as yet, accumulated no replies.

My brain went to the MST3K skit:

"You are in error! I am not N.O.M.A.D. I am a similar design known as M.O.N.A.D. I should destroy you, but I'll give you a mulligan on that one."

I laughed and hit the delete key.

Dude, almost the entire Truewyrm list is like that. Haven't you noticed before? XD

Yeah, but it's the e-mail username that really makes this one special.

Actually, this is marginally worse than TrueWyrm's usual fare. As far as I can tell, the conversations are mostly content-free rather than that far into "I sound like a refugee from a really bad fantasy novel".

I have an irrationally high opinion of the list, because it was the second dragon-related mailing list I found. (I'm not sure how this is special relative to forums, but there you go.) Y'see, the first was RealDragon, relative to which TrueWyrm is a bastion of research, rationality, and intelligent conversation. Although that was five years ago, so I don't know how the lists are now.

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