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Overdue update

Yes, I know it's been way too long since I last posted! I have the same problem I usually have when I get behind in anything like this: I feel like I have to cover everything I hadn't written on, and that is of course a sufficiently intimidating task that I put it off. It should be obvious exactly how well that works out. I'll try to be more willing to post more, smaller entries here; I'll try to get in the habit of posting stray thoughts from my PDA at lunch.

The last couple of months have been busy. I haven't posted not because things haven't been happening, but because I've been too busy doing things to also make LiveJournal posts. And because Rakeela and I spend entirely too much time talking to each other- all the problems we had before we moved in together with staying up too late online are now magnified since we now lack the option to just log off so we can get some sleep. We're getting marginally better about this, but there's still lots of room for improvement!

So let's rewind two months ago. The context for finding that wonderful newspaper cover was at a little new-age bookstore in Redmond that has live music every Friday and Saturday night at 8:00. It also happens to be two blocks away from the end of a bus route that goes right by both my apartment and my office. So we went, and stayed late, and talked, and laughed, and had fun, and I bought puropis' spare microwave oven then missed a bus.

Redmond has been an excellent place for me. Here is an apartment within walking distance of everything I need, as long as I am willing to walk and stay in reasonable shape in the process. Here is a well-paying job at a major tech company, in which I am surrounded by nerds- these are my people. Here is the Thursday Evening Board Game Group. Here is the Nintendo DS Users' Group. (It's okay. We've disovered that Nintendo has a Halo Players' Group.) Here is a place with comfortable weather relative to my strange definitions of "comfortable". Here is a bunch of furries who hang out at the local mall every week, which accounts for the rest of my scheduled geeking. Here is my discovering that I am competent at cooking and I enjoy doing so. Here is a cheap, reasonable Asian grocery store within walking distance of my office. (Here is Pocky.) Here is a bookstore that attracts regulars due to its social events, who tend to have lots of common interests and interesting conversations because the set of people who would voluntarily hang out at a new-age bookstore is rathe restricted. Here are bus drivers who see two dudes and a microwave oven starting to call a taxi after reading the bus schedule attached to the post and take them home anyway, despite the "RETURNING TO BASE" sign emblazoned upon said vehicle's lightboard.

Here is me, supporting myself independently, living an honestly happy life with someone I love. And the rest is just details.
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