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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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A minor disagreement between the title of the publication and the content of the photo
confused, buh?

Today's Seattle Woman
Presented without comment:
Today's Seattle Woman

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I guess womens' magazines aren't allowed to write articles about men?

They indeed are, it is merely the combination that I found amusing. The title of the publication has a vaguely "person of the year" feel to it, and it doesn't really combine well with the chosen image. Really, there's no way to avoid it, but the semi-creepy grin combined with the headline resulted in irrational quantities of laughter at 11:43 PM last Friday when this was observed. I intend to make a post about taht some time later...

That makes sense, then. And the grin IS creepy.

Today's Seattle Woman is... a guy? Yeah, that's Seattle!

Out of curiosity, do you still play puzzle pirates? :P

Occasionally. I haven't had much time to do so recently, though.

I can pick you guys up tomorrow *looks at the time* (well rather today) if you would like a ride to Federal Way for laser tag/mongolian grill. Let me know, you can LJ me back your address (and delete it) and/or call me 973-727-2358.


Hey -- how've you been the last few months? I miss hearing about your life.

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