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Always a great way to start a customer relationship
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So a few days ago, when I last checked my mailbox (the physical one, not the electronic one!), I got my first Comcast bill. I was double-billed for installation, which seemed incorrect- I did sign up both for phone service and Internet, but it's via the same cable modem (yay for VoIP?) and it took one tech about three minutes to get everything set up, so I kinda expected only one installation fee. As the installation fee was $100, I wanted to confirm this, so I've spent the last few minutes on the online chat system with Comcast.

Well, it turns out that I wasn't overbilled by $100, I was overbilled by $179.95. Apparently, because I signed up for two services at once, not only was the activation fee supposed to be waived, the two installation fees should each have been $25, not $100. Oops.

Great way to impress the customer, Comcast. At least it was resolved quickly and without argument- or, at least, I've been informed it has been; I'll find out on my next bill if they're actually appyling the credit back!

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Dad and I have had major issues with Comcast. Hopefully they have better customer service on the other side of the country.

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