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One advantage to small PDAs with cellular Internet connectivity: I can email in LiveJournal comments from the airport. I'm here, 90 minutes before the flight, at my gate.

My parents drove me to the airport, and we got my luggage checked, and we went to the CDE security checkpoint and found a 45-minute line, so we walked to the AB checkpoint where there was absolutely no line at all and the cheerful TSA people and I joked about my knowing the secrets of the airport, like the nonbusy gate.

My parents and I said our tearful goodbyes, and I went through the usual security checkpoints without incident other than being unable to untie my own shoe. (Amidst much laughter, I gave up and just yanked off my shoe, where it scanned without incident.)

And then I ran to a gate that wasn't mine, for a flight leaving an hour and fifteen minutes earlier, and only barely made it, just a couple minutes before the person I was looking for had to board.

For all the things she's said, my beloved mate Rakeela never told me how cute she is as a human.

I've always liked the theatrical, in the literal sense of the theatre, and I conceptualize many things in that manner, so perhaps the only thing I can say is

~~End of Act I~~

Act II will begin at 12:10 PM Pacific time

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