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A small explosion of brightly-colored sticky labels

I've spent the day preparing for moving back to Washington for work at Microsoft. We've identified the bike shop closest to my temporary housing (they intend to put me somewhere in Issaquah, which at least has much better bus connectivity than Sammamish; when they said they'd have a hard time putting me in Seattle, I identified Issaquah as the best place on the Eastside from my knowledge of the routes) and will be calling them to ask them to accept my bike shipped to them for me to pick up on the afternoon of July 6th, the day my flight will arrive. It's less than two weeks away, now...

The movers will be here on the 3rd to box everything up, and the 5th to take it away. In preparation for this, the "moving zones" are getting covered with a small office supply store's worth of flourescent labels- green labels for "take item or take fixture and all items in/on it", yellow labels for "take contents of fixture and items on it, but leave the shelf itself behind", red labels with an X for "do not take", red labels with other text for warnings ("do not put extremely magnetic game anywhere near my computer"), orange labels for general notes. So I've been sorting through everything, making sure it's clearly marked. I'll be there for pack-and-load, of course, as I'm required to be; still, having everything clearly marked beforehand should make it easier for everyone.

It's a little weird to be gathering everything together, packing everything up, and having to decide what to keep. I can move as much as I want- but apartments have limited space, and there are many relics of my childhood I do not need. The toy cars from McDonalds happy meals of decades past serve insufficient purpose to me, and most of my childrens' books- most- would be better off at the (woefully understocked) local library or sent to a group of people (in Oregon) transcribing books into Braile and proofreading the transcriptions. (Made legal under an act signed during the Clinton administration, relaxing copyright laws for transcriptions of books made to assist the visually impaired.) I'm used to just having all this junk, but I don't need it. I don't like how hard it is to let go; I've seen how cluttered my aunt's house is, and how cluttered this house can be when we aren't all careful to keep things organized and not buy yet more crap we don't need- I don't like knowing that I'm prone to that, so I'll just have to be vigilant against it.

Among the items I found: my old glasses. I stopped wearing them because they stopped helping; my depth perception got better. Last time I went to the optometrist, he said no prescription would help as the inaccuracy of focus in my right eye was even more minor than last time. I tried my glasses on again, and found that, oddly enough, they help again; my depth perception hasn't gotten worse, but now those glasses are letting it be better than it was last time I wore glasses. So I'll probably go back to wearing them, and just assume my eyes are borderline enough that sometimes they'll help and sometimes they won't, and I'll let my medical coverage at Microsoft- which fully covers an annual eye appointment and covers 75% of the cost of one pair of glasses each year- give me a chance to try to sort it out later.

It's kinda weird to sort through everything, and know that I'm very moving in just under two weeks- what I got a Free Three-Month Trial Offer of last summer worked out, so I upgraded to the full version, kinda.

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