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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Okay, now I can scratch LiveJournal off my list of recurring subscription payments.

Who wants the 298.24 days of paid time I had on the account? I can transfer it to anybody, and it'll just get appended to the end of your current Paid Account time if you have any. That's about two months shy of a year, so it's somewhere around $20 worth of Paid Time unless you use automatic payment (in which case it's worth around $17). Make an offer- unlike the gift certificate I applied to the Permanent Account, I have no use for paid time except to transfer it, so it's definitely going to someone. Anybody interested?

Edited to add: "Discount on a custom mood theme" is a valid offer. (As in, not 100% discount- if your usual price on a mood theme is $193,482.63, 'mood theme and negative $193,462.63' as a valid bid, although it's a bit out of my price range so I wouldn't accept that particular example.) I've been considering commissioning one for some time; given the pictures, I can use the LiveJournal Scrapbook and set up the config file myself, so that's just lots of little tiny multicolored (I'm chameleonic!) dragon heads!

In other news, I'm glad T-Mobile's warranty on my PDA/phone from them is a year. The touch screen has decided to fuck up; there's a busted zone in the middle-top of the screen where attempts to draw horizontal straight lines look like normal statistical distribution curves of varying standard deviation. It was acting slightly dodgy yesterday when I called up RealNetworks to stop another source of recurring subscription payments (GamePass is a good deal if and only if you actually go through one casual game per month; I don't, I have GameTap instead, and I hadn't really played fully half the games I bought; miraculously, the cancellation call only took ten minutes and the dude accepted it without arguing when I politely refused his one upsell) and the screen didn't seem correctly aligned; unfortunately, running a Screen Alignment isn't enough to fix it, and it's going back to the shop for a replacement. Apparently, from Google, the T-Mobile MDA (also known as an HTC Wizard or a Cingular 8125) has lots of touch-screen problems, and this is just the less common of the two. (The other one is due to overtightened screws on the screen causing the screen to distort to the left or right, rather than a lump on top.) This problem, according to what I'm reading, will advance quickly in the next few days to the point where instead of a distorted region, I'll get a quickly-growing reigon of screen completely insensitive to touch at all (the distorted region already needs some extra pressure).

At least the warranty is a year instead of six months or 90 days; the phone is around 7 months old. And this is all happening about two weeks before my trip to Microsoft, too- barely enough time to get the phone replaced if they have to ship it in. At least there's a local T-Mobile store, and it's where we bought the phone- and we didn't buy it off Amazon, where they explicitly give no warranty.

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I wouldnt complain if I had a little extra time to my account... :p How much was the perm account, isnt it 150$?
I'm irked at TMobile, I wish they could turn text messages off on an account, I got a spam sms yesterday and I dont want to get anymore; I dont have a text deal with them, so i pay 10/15 cents a text which can add up quickly. :[

$150, but louderback's birthday gift (an LJ gift certificate) took it down to $130. I've already used the service for six years, and I've already paid over $70 in account fees; I figure I might as well put a stop to that given that I'm very likely to hang onto the account for another six years, at which point it will pay off.

I'm Libertarian and capitalistic- I'm selling that spare time off, not giving it away. Although if "nothing" is the best offer I get by the end of the day, it's yours; even though I have a permanent account, that time credit is still counting down, so I'd just as soon give it to someone else before it loses more than a day or two! But I'd gladly trade it to you in exchange for, say, a couple userpics. (Thanks again for what I'm currently using as my default!) After all, I've got 138 slots now, twenty-three of which I'm actually using.

I'm quite willing to give the time away for less than its fair market value, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try to get the best I can for it! Aren't dragons supposed to be greedy and hoard-y, after all? *grin*

Call T-Mobile Customer Service and explain the spam message. They'll block the number and they may give you a refund. You can probably convince them to turn it off entirely, you'll just have to rant at them for a while.

I've got the same deal- it's $0.15 for a message, incoming or outgoing. So last Sunday, I sent my father a text message:

"I love you so much I'm spending $0.30 on your greeting. Happy Father's Day!"

Then I paid him thirty cents to cover the extra cost on the bill.

oooo me! :) I'm probably too slow though! :)

Permanent accounts are shiny!

I'm interested, but if not, just send FSX my way!

[Comment deleted while I consider buying a permanent account for myself.]

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