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"What the hell is that thing?"

-- Subject line quote from the police officer who pulled up beside me at a stop sign

I have a recumbent bike now! According to the woman working at the shop today (the daughter of the owner- the attendant was his son on Saturday), it should work on bus bike racks if Seattle bus racks are like St. Louis bus racks.

I biked around the block a few times, then to the library and back; right now, my father is modifying the rack that holds my (overly expensive) bag so it'll work on this bike. (The wheel mount is already compatible; he's only modifying the part that attaches to the frame, and it's a trivial modification.) The bike definitely handles differently and it'll take some getting used to, but I think I'm catching on quickly enough! As well as the bike itself, I bought a flag (which seems about six inches too tall- it's taller than most cars, and has to be bent to get into the garage) and a mirror, both of which were attached at the bike shop. It's working great so far.

So I have a bike now, and I'll be spending the next couple weeks getting in better shape, I hope! I know how quickly the few-mile path to the EBGames near my apartment last summer got easier for me, and I suspect I can get back in shape at a similar rate again.

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