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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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What is not, not to like, a shiny bike
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I'm going to buy a recumbent bicycle some time in the next few days.

Not much to say about that; upright bicycles give me enough back pain after a while that if I want to use it as my primary transportation, I need a recumbent model. My father and I went to a few bike shops today; I found a long-wheel-base-style bike that seems to work very well for me. My only concern is that it might not fit on bus bike racks. The short wheel base (with high front pedals) seemed unworkable to me, though- in both of the short recumbent bikes I tried, my knees kept hitting the handlebars, and I needed help just to balance long enough to get my legs up to the pedals. So I think a long wheelbase it is...

Anybody with more recumbent bike experience have advice that I should be aware of?

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I honestly can't remember if I've seen recumbent bikes on local buses... I have a friend who's a bus driver, I can ask him. :) I dunno much about recumbent bikes themselves, haven't had any experience with them, but they seem like a much better ride to me than upright bikes. I'll have to come visit you when you're up here and try yours out. ;)

You're welcome to try it! I might have to start a waiting list, though, if people keep being curious at the current rate. *grin*

Any information about the interaction between recumbent bikes and the city bus is welcome. I'm going to the bike shop tomorrow. I'll try out one of their high-pedal recumbents (with a standard wheel base) again and see if it works any better for me the second time; I'll prefer it if it does, because that definitely won't have trouble on a bus, it's more visible to cars, and it looks weirder (which is a plus). But if long wheelbase recumbents do work on bus racks, so I can use "both" rather than "either/or", that would change how hard I try to make a high-pedal recumbent work for me.

visibility is all. Recumbents tend to be lower than surrounding vehicles and thus invisible to many. Get a flag and watch your step...

Yeah, this was going to be my advice.

Be sure to talk to xydexx. He's got hundreds of miles in on a recumbent.

Xydexx rides 'bent? Cool, somehow I'd never noticed that for all have I have him friended. I knew he was big on the bike-ness, but not that.

I don't own one myself, but I've seen a few around town, and always thought they were neat. Never seen one on the bus either, though. They're actually, if I recall, a lot more efficient or 'faster' than uprights.

Yes, he does, and he writes about it a lot. I can understand the efficiency aspect of the design, but they don't look at all comfortable to me. I'll keep my horse.

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