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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Patent pending
a look of abject horror, yikes
I present the following without comment. It needs none.
USPTO, Patent Application: Godly powers

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Hence, SNR(Patents) < 1/SNR(Patents). Assume otherwise; then patent examiners wouldn't have let this through. But they did, so our assumption is contradicted. WWWWW.

Not to defend the United States Patent Office- they certainly deserve no defense in the general case- but this hasn't been approved; it's just an application. Patent applications are a matter of public record, hence its presence on the site.

Ah, I thought that was a general patents list. They still have some registered perpetual motion devices, though.

There are separate search options for patents and applications. This application looks unlikely to be granted (though it does seem to have "novelty.")

>They still have some registered perpetual motion devices, though.

Where? Last I heard, they had a policy of automatically rejecting applications for any kind of perpetual motion machine. The examiners don't have that kind of time to waste. Are you talking about very old patents, that are still registered but no longer have legal force? They might have been registered back in the 19th century, when the Patent Office was 3 or 4 guys with no formal training in physics. You never have to build an invention to patent it, you just have to convince an examiner you have a new idea for an invention...so if somebody *does* build the thing someday, you can say "that was my idea first" and they'll pay royalties.

(Okay, let's try it again..)

The standard way to get past them in that respect is to either camouflage it as an engine that "takes some energy, then produces more" instead of evolving from a steady state (like classical perpetual motion devices), or to obfuscate it enough that it isn't clear what's going on (zero point energy extraction? scalar fields?).

But they still let some classical ones slip through, like this one: permanent magnet propulsion system, where a metal ball is pulled upwards by a series of magnets, after which it is then left to slide downwards on the side to repeat the cycle.

(Of course, this blasts my joke that its SNR is < 1, because all it shows is that SNR < inf. Oh well.)

-1000 points and autofail for grammatical foulup in abstract. A person with said godly powers would be able to fix the typo or brainwash everyone to believe the typo to be correct.

Had to make a new icon just for this comment

So this guy has godly powers and wants exclusive use? Whatever. Personally, I'm a little bit more concerned about the fact that apparently the United States patent office has more legal leverage than God the creator.

Re: Had to make a new icon just for this comment

God is a DJ, not a lawyer.

I'm fondly reminded of many games of Furious George, in which one of the results of the "Commit Atrocity" button is "The monkey patents life, then sues God in [city, state].", which seems appropriate here somehow.

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