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Predictably, after all the stress, fuss, and insane crowding of graduation (16K people in the Quad: absolutely fucking insane), I've gotten sick. My father thinks it's the flu on this absolute perfect unmistakable criterion that I threw up once. It can't have had anything to do with being generally ill, having a naturally weak digestive system, and having an inadvisably greasy dinner. To me, it's just like all the other times I've gotten sick at college, significantly sicker than all of my classmates coming down with colds; I'll call it a cold with a fucked-up immune system and leave it at that. Whatever it is, it shows all the symptoms of being viral rather than bacterial, so there's really no reason to try to get to a doctor; they won't tell me anything different from what I'm doing (fluids, Ventolin, Tylenol, sleep, and the entire fourth season of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! from Amazon). This is only slightly worse than the usual at college, and not as bad as the worst I've dealt with.

Still, it's absolutely miserable, and the Ventolin is having only limited effect on my asthma trouble while the Tylenol isn't 100% effective at stopping this fever, and I still haven't found a decongestant I don't have a bad reaction to. Being at home instead of in the dorm sort of helps, except I think there are actually more allergens here.

My plans to be more social and available online keep getting thwarted! First by college, then by graduation, now by illness. At least this is, hopefully, temporary.

Any of all you religious-type, Pagan-type, magical-type, psychic-type, voodoo-type, Discordian-type, or naked-candlelight-yak-ritual-type people willing to send healing energy, healing constructs, prayer, divine intervention, or photographs of naked candlelight yak rituals I can sell to tabloid newspapers and make thousands on are quite welcome to do so. I'd appreciate the help...

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