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I has dyploema

After four years of class, homework, stress, and the other day-to-day annoyances of college life, I finally have a certificate showing that I know my B. S.

B. S. in Applied Science, that is. Not a B. S. In Computer Science, because then I'd have to have taken fewer CS courses and more general science. Yes, that's stupid and backwards. I was originally going for the B. S. C. S., but I decided it was worth switching plans to avoid Intro to Chemistry.

Commencement was... well, it was something, I'm just not sure what. It involved bored students in the ArtSci section throwing around a pair of beach balls and a small inflatable orca whale, and someone in the Business section responding by tying off and inflating one of the rain ponchos we were provided with and using it in much the same way. Dean Sansalone got booed as she was introduced, reflecting her unpopular policy changes, and at the end after the traditional throwing of hats (although I held onto mine) someone decided that the ponchos would be more amusing to throw, and I have to agree that it was.

My neck and face are sunburned on one side from facing the same way for three hours, and I'm just tired and exhausted overall. There were way too many people in way too small a space, and that still tends to tire me out. It was an interesitng expereince, but I do think I can understand why my grandfather tends to skip such events.

I'm going (back) to bed now. I just figured this was a reasonably appropriate thing to post about.

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