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Finals, etc.

So I just finished the Final Exam for my Parallel Algorithms and Architectures class. Now I just have to finish the final projects for it and for Machine Learning. All due Friday. This is, obviously, going to keep me largely offline, busy, and exhausted. At least until Friday; then it's two exams (one of which is irrelevant because it's between a C- for the course and a C+, the other of which is trivially easy) to study for, but those aren't until the Tuesday and Wednesday after, so I think I'll have time.

It's a good sign a project is going well, however, when I look at a result and find myself forced to fight the urge to jump up and yell "GROOVY" upon discovering it. The new algorithms I invented? They work. They're also as horribly slow as I expected, but no more so than a lot of other complicated ML algorithms. This is really neat, and I'm going to enjoy writing this up once I'm done with all the test runs.

I'm just glad I'm at home for this. My father has a computer that's higher-performance than mine, and all my tests are running way faster on it. Test of a Noisy Decision Tree on my computer? Two and a half hours. His computer? Twenty seconds...

But as tired and burned-out as I'm feeling from all this, I'm having fun, and I take it as a sign that I've chosen the right field of profession.

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