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The last day of class
chromatic self
Yesterday (technically speaking, by the clock) was my last day of class.

Very last.

It's weird to be graduating so soon. For the last four years, I've been used to a college schedule- lectures homework, and the usual trappings of dorm life. With a notable exception last summer, but almost all of the last four years has been about taking class. And now, other than a few optional lectures from Dr. Smart, I'm unlikely to go to another Washington University class again- at the very least, not for a few years. All I have are final projects, final exams, and it's over- I will officially have a standard-issue college education.

There's so much I could say about this, and so much I want to. I've changed a lot in four years. A hell of a lot has happened. And... it's too much for 2:45 AM, when my thoughts aren't really in order. (Even though I've been sleeping intermittently since 8:00 PM.) I guess it's that I haven't really come to terms with it yet- that this is so close to over, and I'm very close to moving to a corner of the country (from dead center) and starting the rest of my life as a useful member of the workforce, rather than just another student.

Even for everything I'll leave behind, though- I'm ready to move on. I've had enough of college classes for now. I've learned all this neat stuff, I want to go and do something with it- and it won't be too long, now.

More thoughts after I graduate, probably. My posting rate should pick up once I'm no longer so loaded with assignments.

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Congratulations on the landmark!

Depending on when you get started at M$ft, see if you can do something special with the summer -- a road trip, vacation, long hike, or something big. Once you get your career established, you really have to turn your life upside down to get the same sort of opportunity again.

New Employee Orientation for me is July 9th; throw in travel several days before that, and then trying to figure out what of my posessions to pack within whatever limited resources I'm provided, added to mandatory family engagements (combination going-away, 21st birthday, graduation parties; at least I don't have to have three parties with each set of relatives), and trying to *unpack* from college, and getting fitted for a recumbent bicycle (I can't drive, so a good bike is absolutely mandatory- the $300 bike Microsoft provided a refund for last summer is not good enough, given that the seat height keeps lowering itself, and more importantly the bike isn't the right size; I bought it when I did because I needed some form of transportation immediately) and arranging for it to be shipped directly to some bike shop near Redmond, and I don't think I'll have a chance for much of anything in the intervening time.

The best I can do is spend time with local friends as best I can, given everything else. That's the real opportunity I'm going to lose at the end of the summer- given that I'm moving to Washington, and my two closest friends here are moving to Britain and China for a few years. Anything else can be done once I'm more established, on my three annual weeks of vacation. Which I'll probably take consecutively only rarely, but given how much of a change just last summer was with Microsoft handing me enough assistance my apartment life wasn't that far removed from dormitory life, just getting established in Washington will be enough of an adventure to start with...

I'm not writing off the concept, mind you; I just think I have to put the most practical priorities first. I have twenty years of stuff accumulated, and I only have a handful of weeks to figure out what of it is worth keeping.


Will there be more time now? *asks, then read Bax's thread*

Yay for you!

Does this mean you'll be on AIM more too? I miss talking to you about stuff. :(

It sounds like you're in a good frame of mind about this: neither "thank god that's finished" nor "Oh god I don't want to leave this place."

I will note that if at some point you want to do further formal education, that could fit in with work: in fact, one of my good friends works for Microsoft and is almost finished with a graduate certificate program (evening classes).

My thoughts on graduating: It's been a hell of a ride. ^_^

Congratulations on arriving at this point. It sounds like you've made a lot of progress and have some solid plans ahead of you too. ;D

Congratulations... and I'll look forward to seeing more of you later this year, for a little while until M$ft eats all your spare time again. ;) *hug*

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