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The last day of class

Yesterday (technically speaking, by the clock) was my last day of class.

Very last.

It's weird to be graduating so soon. For the last four years, I've been used to a college schedule- lectures homework, and the usual trappings of dorm life. With a notable exception last summer, but almost all of the last four years has been about taking class. And now, other than a few optional lectures from Dr. Smart, I'm unlikely to go to another Washington University class again- at the very least, not for a few years. All I have are final projects, final exams, and it's over- I will officially have a standard-issue college education.

There's so much I could say about this, and so much I want to. I've changed a lot in four years. A hell of a lot has happened. And... it's too much for 2:45 AM, when my thoughts aren't really in order. (Even though I've been sleeping intermittently since 8:00 PM.) I guess it's that I haven't really come to terms with it yet- that this is so close to over, and I'm very close to moving to a corner of the country (from dead center) and starting the rest of my life as a useful member of the workforce, rather than just another student.

Even for everything I'll leave behind, though- I'm ready to move on. I've had enough of college classes for now. I've learned all this neat stuff, I want to go and do something with it- and it won't be too long, now.

More thoughts after I graduate, probably. My posting rate should pick up once I'm no longer so loaded with assignments.

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