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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Someone on this campus seems to have an odd sense of humor
concrete smile

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And looking at the post, I'm amused that LiveJournal failed to parse my mood and userpic strings! Maybe it's a result of having no text in the body of the entry...

You're always the first to comment on my picture posts, it seems. You're an interesting person, so I guess I should post pictures more often!

I usually read everyone's entries, just when someone posts a picture like this I can't help but grin. X3

Someone? Hmm... and you're the person who always reports on the humorous vandalism that you find around campus, which usually seems suspiciously similar to your own sense of humor...! ;)

I don't have a label gun! (I should probably get one for exactly this reason, though.) But no, this wasn't me; if it was, I'd label it "PASS / FAIL", in keeping with a more college-y theme. I can recognize an MC Hammer reference, but it's not my primary style!

I'm flattered, though. *grin*

What does the text of the label say? It's too small to read.

Yeah, I probably should have taken it with a digital zoom. It was on a light switch next to the bathroom, so I was trying to take the photo as quickly as possible to seem less creepy.

The text on the labels are "HAMMERTIME" (split over two lines, hyphenated) and "STOP".

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