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It's Spring Break!

Y'all know what that means by now: nine days at home with no way to get out, get significant privacy, or do anything particularly interesting. I love my parents and all, but nine days starts to test my pateince most of the time.

Especially since it seems to be GameTap's BEST WEEK EVER. They have Descent Freespace 2 (which I downloaded in the past but was never able to make work correctly) up. Next week, they're adding Sid Meyer's Alpha Centauri. All this and my desktop computer is at home; my laptop is incompatible with GameTap, although they're working on improving compatibility.

Fortunately, we've got a few computers around this house. (Five in active use, minimum.) One of them has the specs required for GameTap- not very well, mind you (Pac-Man, Asteroids, Bust-A-Move... all of them visibly choppy), but sufficient. The emulation layer is what starts to really slow GameTap down- so the Windows games work great, and the C64, Atari, etc. games are so low-spec there's no problem.

Fortunately for me, Freesapce 2 is a Windows game, and I have a spare game controller here. Yay for space dogfighting!

This morning was productive and interesting, though. There was a semi-local three-hour training session for people interested in helping the National Weather Service as civilian weather spotters- the NWS doesn't get as many phone-in reports as they want, and the majority of them are incompetent; the training sessions teach people (such as myself) what information they need and what to look for. Three hours of (interesting and, at times, amusing) Powerpoint slides are apparently all the certification you need; my father and I now have ID numbers, and are considered qualified as "trained spotters" for the NWS. At least my father now has someone to freak out about weather to besides me. It was a fun morning!

I do have homework over Spring Break, of course. I should probably get started on that soon.

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