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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Thanks For Your Help Last Summer! --- Signed, Brian V.
a look of abject horror, yikes
Microsoft sends cool gifts to their former interns. I'm going to go back to work for them after I graduate, of course, but I was told over the summer they'd be sending these out to all the COSD (Core OS Division) interns anyway. (So it's not a total surprise...)

Now to decide which computer to install this copy of Windows Vista Ultimate on. (Not actually a decision- it's going on my Tablet PC, because it's the dual-core machine, and I don't run games on it- all the software I regularly use on my Tablet is known to be compatible with Vista, while a lot of my PC software is known-incompatible. And Vista enhancements for pen-based computing are quite significant.)

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Be warned if you don't have a whole lot of RAM on your tablet -- the first person I've heard that had it on his machine is now ready to get rid of it after a week because even with a gig of RAM, it slows down noticeably if he tries to run two things at once. I'm curious to hear whether you have the same problem.

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