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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Hair and frozen bicycles
headwall, frustration
I was late to class today. This happens a lot more often than I'd like to admit, but I was much later than usual today.

At least I have a valid excuse. I scheduled leaving my dorm under the asusmption I would be able to bike to Whittaker Hall. When this assumption turned out to be false because my bike lock's key slot was filled with ice, the slower transit time plus the delay involved in going back up the stairs into my room to return my bike helmet cost me a good half-hour over what I'd planned.

After my second class, in my usual "I drank something caffeinated three hours ago and haven't gotten a chance to go to the bathroom" frantic dash for the facilities, I noticed that my hair is starting to go white. All of it is distinctly lighter in color than I remember it being in general, and as well as the expected bleaching with length (from more time exposed to sunlight), it is erratically lighter in some strands at the root than in other places in the same strand or relative to some adjacent strands.

I am 20 and my hair is going white.

Amusingly, I'm happy about this. Very early loss of hair color is a known apparently-recessive trait in my father's family, although in my direct line it last showed up four generations ago. It's a known bug with no workaround, but I'm calling it a feature.

About three-quarters of the men in my father's side of the family started to go visibly bald by the time they were thirty. But nobody with white hair by age 25 went bald early- or, for that matter, at all.

More importantly, white hair just plain looks cool. I've considered bleaching mine, except I have doubts about how it would interact with my allergies Looks like I'll be able to save myself the effort!

Ah, the joy of hereditary genetic quirks.

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What is clearly happening is that you are finally coming into your permanent winter camoflage. Your line must be from the Northern places where the snow never melts.

Ice Dragon

You should style your hair like Doc Brown.

Yes, it does look cool.

My grandmother, from whom I inherited this coloring, had all-white hair from the time I first knew her (no surprise, she was around 60 when I was born, and mine started coming in at 23, I think), and strangers at the hairdresser would ask her what she'd done to get that color.

I agree, white hair is nifty. But only if it's farily long. Short white hair just sucks.

Eh..never looked good on me. A lot of people said "You look distinguished!" But it never went totally white, just grey, and not all of it...just most of it.

I wonder if going bald early is attached to the dominant side of the recessive hair-color-loss trait, which would make a simple explanation for the either-or ...

If you do wanna play with dye

You have two options that might be safe, henna for red/orange and indigo for blue/black at http://www.hennaforhair.com/

If you wanna give henna a go I would be happy to send you some. It does smell but like rabbit poop, not like industrial solvents

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