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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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nyah, tongueout, glasses, nerd
So a Fark story linked me to these hideous new plans for $1 coins. Washington and Madison look particularly terrible. Just y'all look at that and tell me Washington does not want to eat your soul.

He certainly doesn't approve.

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He actually appears to have glowing eye-lasers if you stare at it long enough.

I thought it was common knowledge that George Washington was actually the secret identity of Cyclops from the X-Men?

I for one, welcome our new flat-disk overlords.

I love powers that shoot out of eyes! I see someone already mentioned that aspect of the coins.

Ugly or not, I would like using coin money...

Jefferson looks pretty cool, but the rest are kinda "whaaaat"

I hope they're seriously not trying to pull this off. Haven't they learned their lesson with previous attempts at dollar coins? Cashiers don't want 'em because there's no room, and consumers don't want 'em 'cause they're heavy. And especially after the OMG GOLD DOLLUR SACKAJUHWEYA ROFL GOLD GOLD GOLD nonsense, jesus christ give it up already.

"consumers don't want 'em 'cause they're heavy."

I know most people don't. I like 'em. I like Canada's $2 coins the best, actually. They have a very satisfying hand-feel.

I'm wondering if people won't get confused by having separate coins, in different amounts, both with G. Washington on the face. I mean, one's profile and the other's 3/4, but still... People are stupid. ^_^

Hence also the colour, I suppose. But as it is I often get cashiers going "wtf?" and inspecting $1 and 50-cent coins to find their denomination, because they don't recognize them and often seem to think I've handed them some foreign currency.

I wonder how the Canadian government got the coins to catch on? $2 coins especially are actually quite recent.

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