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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Friends in All Places
airbrushed, thoughtful
I've been sick recently. That's why I've fallen behind on e-mail and otherwise contacting people; more distressingly, it's put me behind on my homework. But it hasn't really been getting me as badly as usual; my asthma has remained mostly under control, and my digestive system has been having only moderate trouble and only occasionally.

But when my digestive system is unhappy, it makes that fact known.

Drinking several glasses of water this morning helped, but it became obvious that I wouldn't be better by the time the fire alarm test was scheduled to start, and I'd have to make do with the cramped, dingy bathrooms of Wohl Center. Problematically, they have no coat hooks, so with a thin coating of unidentifiable gray sludge on the floor, I had to find somewhere to stash my posessions.

It's times like this I'm glad I'm on good terms with the kitchen staff here Although it was the little overpriced grocery store I went to, not the kitchen; as I explained the situation, the woman operating the register (actually, the entire store) was quite willing to hang on to my things for me. I know her well enough to feel like I can trust her, and it worked out; my intestines are much less agitated now, and nobody stole my backpack.

I try to be friends with the campus staff in general because the sweeping majority of them are cool people. I'm not utilitarian and/or manipulative enough to look for kickbacks or consider it a plan for eventualities like this. They're just people worth getting to know, and it distresses me how many students tend to largely ignore them.

But still, it's also nice to have that little bit of help when it's desparately, desparately needed.

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Oh dear... sorry to hear you're having trouble.

Um... that event wouldn't happen to be related to the magic thing we were discussing where you were hoping it wouldn't have any adverse physical effects, would it?

Nah, I was sick before that, and quite frankly I'm getting over this an order of magnitude faster than I normally do.

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