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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Mixed Rodentia
I take random pictures of squirrels on campus. I'd take pictures of other wildlife, except there isn't much. This was taken a few hours ago after lunch, between classes.

This is also a test to see if the pseudoheaders used to set mood, userpic, etc. in e-mail posts are case-sensitive. My PDA insists on autocapitalizing things despite my attempts to set things to the contrary.

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reminder — I need info on how to find you and a contact # for the vidcard — still on for tomorrow?

Sure, I left my schedule open! I tried to discuss scheduling and location with you Sunday evening, but I was too asleep and you seemed too distracted to work anything out. I'll e-mail you my contact information, and we can decide when and where to meet from there.

Whoops, sorry! I was on from the LA hotel room on a borrowed machine, dealing with a mess, and just plain missed you in the confusion. I didn't mean any offense. Look forward to meeting you!

It's no problem, I figured it was something of the sort! I'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow. And I figure the odds are low, but I'll ask anyway- if you're the sort to play Magic: The Gathering, feel free to bring a deck or twelve...

Is that a squirrel? Doesn't look like one.. and I think tags are case insensitive (they get transformed to lower case).

Oh yeah, and *wave*.

It's not a matter of tagging, I don't use tags much anyway, it's that if I start an e-mailed post (like this one was) with lj-userpic and lj-mood and lj-music and lj-gallery and lj-location and lj-security and lj-commentsettings and lj-autocut and... it'll let me set basically all the post options. But my PDA wants to make it Lj-userpic and Lj-mood and Lj-music and I just determined with this post that the engine, fortunately, could not care less.

It's a squirrel, it's just hard to identify with its tail hidden! When I got my PDA out to take the picture, it was just sort of peeking out of the recycling bin hanging on to the edge with its front paws, but it moved because my camera scared it, unfortunately. But I like how the picture as a whole turned out.

Hello there! Sorry I haven't said much on your journal as of late; I haven't had much interesting to say.

Ah, the first time I read your post it seemed you were saying "tags" among the pseudoheaders, but I must have been wrong :) Still, it seems the other pseudoheaders are case insensitive.. at least through the client you're using. I think music is case sensitive.. yes, it is, as the "S" in Subway is upper case.

It looks rodenty enough, but not very squirrely without that tail! Or at least to someone who hasn't seen that many squirrels around.

Hello there! Sorry I haven't said much on your journal as of late; I haven't had much interesting to say.
I thought there would be something interesting in the more computery posts (could you have identified the screenshot as an IDA graph?), and then there was the one where I asked about the logs of that magical thing again.
But in general, it's hard to discern "I'm not here" from "I can't find anything to say", so.. except perhaps from the number of posts made elsewhere.

I didn't know rats/squirrels (whatever that is?) were recyclable! (outside of the sense of "insects and bacteria and fungi eat them when they die and eventually they get turned into plants and stuff", anyway.)

It would probably be more obvious that it's a squirrel if it didn't have its tail hidden by the recycling bin.

The local wildlife has learned that college garbage cans (be it garbage or recycling) are very fertile sources of food.

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