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"Aunt" Martha (one of those friends of the family introduced to me as a relative 17 years ago) and I apparently make an effective Rook team.

For those not familiar with it, Rook is a partnership trick-taking game, marketed by Parker Bros. but almost playable with a regular deck of cards. We don't play by the standard rules; my family's play is a variant of Kentucky Discard, with 5 in the kitty and only the 2s and 3s out of the deck. 1s are high (above the 14; having 14 cards a suit instead of 13 is about the only thing odd with a Rook deck, since the Rook itself can be played by a joker) and worth 15 points. (As usual, 5s are worth 5 and 10s/14s are worth 10) 180 points are possible in one hand for taking every counter (40 in each suit plus the Rook) and we play to 500 points.

I won't get in to the full rules. Suffice to say that we don't usually get 180 for a hand.

Martha and I did it twice in the same game, with a 175 in it as well.

In conclusion: it might be a bad idea to play cards with a telepath. I wasn't consciously using psychic ability, but I can't swear to it... Really, though, Martha and I cooperate very effectively at the game. It was a fun evening, though; playing Rook gives me a focus so the loud social event of tonight's Christmas party didn't overload me at all and it was a lot of fun.

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