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Communication and trips

My family has a new cell phone plan; my new phone is actually a Pocket PC, replacing my older iPaq hx2415. The T-Mobile MDA (AKA the HPC Wizard) has a slower processor, but it was actually designed for WM5 unlike the iPaq, so it winds up running much faster- the device was actually designed for Flash to be the primary storage, not RAM (which causes all your data to evaporate if the battery fails, a frustration on Pocket PC 2003 fixed in WM5 at the expense of speed- a dramatic slowdown in devices not designed for such data access patterns). I've got an unlimited data plan for it, and I've already been putting it through its paces- it seems to be working well so far! The biggest thing to recommend the MDA is its QWERTY keyboard, which is large enough for me to get a pretty good typing rate going.

The intersection of a built-in camera and an unlimited Internet connection is probably going to be a lot more arbitrary photo posts from me, albeit with a lower-quality camera than my usual. (This is not replacing my digital camera- I'll still use it for any serious photos. But this is a lot more convenient for quick snapshots, or spontaneous things to take pictures of, without my other camera's slow boot time or lousy battery life.) And it'll keep me online this weekend, even though my parents and I are going on a car trip to, as usual, visit my mother's side of the family.

I find it amusing how despite my unlimited data plan, T-Mobile did their best to make me waste text messages ($0.10 each, ouch) for instant messaging; their built-in IM software ignores my data plan and uses SMS. So I uninstalled it and got a different program, which is completely unaware of text messages and uses only the data plan. That'll do...

So while I'll be out of town this weekend, at least I won't be offline. And hey, this should give me a chance to catch up on the everything2 noding I've been falling badly behind on!

Expect to see more than a few posts that came through LJ's e-mail gateway.

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