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Power glitch

It's been a bad few days for my computer hardware.

There was the network-card-related parity error from a few days ago (fixed by replacing the internal PCI-bus wireless network card with an external USB doohickey that gets a much weaker signal but at least can reach the network and doesn't crash the computer), the usual headaches trying to install Adobe Creative Suite (I had it running on my Tablet, not this desktop computer) involving it temporarily deactivating my CD drive, and then a major power glitch last night. We lost power for a few seconds, and apparently my uninteruptable power supply is insufficiently uninterruptable because while it kept power on, it gave enough of a hit to reboot the computer- complete with a BIOS warning of "System drive 2 not found, press F1 to continue or F2 to enter setup". After some panicking about my hard drives, I figured out that "system drive 2" is actually my CD/DVD drive and not a hard drive. After a reboot, I discovered that convincing the tray to open and close served to reset something internally so it worked fine from then on.

I think I'm glad I keep my important documents backed up anyway. I need to do another image-based total backup of this computer...

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