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Flagrant Incompetence

So for my Intro to Theatric Production class, we're going to work in groups of three to design a Shakespeare play for the final project. My group (to which I was randomly assigned since I never got a chance to plan one out) is doing The Taming of the Shrew. I've got a copy of all of Shakespeare's plays on my various EBook devices, so I'm reading and taking notes there. The entire conept is a creative project, and part of the design involves drawing.

It has been determined that I am the best aritst in the group and will be doing most of that. (This decision was partially driven by my Tablet PC and scanner.)

I am very glad I am taking this class pass/fail.

TODO: install Photoshop demo
TODO: install GIMP
TODO: decide if it's worth the cost of Photoshop vs. GIMP or even ArtRage 2 (which I have bought)

The interesting part is that I don't seem to be quite as terrible as I remember. When bored in Psychology class, I've been sketching the classroom. Relative to zyleeth or frameacloud or haikujaguar or layra or teadragon or any of the N+1 other aetists i know it completely sucks, but for me it's fairly good. I'll post it when I finish.

Actually, I have a backlog of photos, notes on Fiddler On The Roof, and an essay to post, I just haven't gotten around to it yet..

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