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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Problem solving
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One of the more persistent resource allocation problems of a dormitory: the laundry machines. The number of washing machines is inevitably equal to the number of dryers, even though dryers have a cycle time twice as long as the washing machine. I would conclude that for maximum efficiency, they should add extra dryers, but this concept has apparently escaped the planners of Washington University housing.

Extra dryers wouldn't do much to mitigate the more common bottleneck on laundry machines, people failing to empty them. (The machines now accept student ID cards for payment to the student account as well as quarters. Would it be that hard to make them e-mail you when the cycle is done, if you used your card?) I have often seen dryers sit for an hour or two at a time with a load of now-clean laundry in it, occupying a machine while other people wait for the rightful owner to claim his or her attire.

So I had a load of wet clothes in the washer that finished its cycle several minutes ago, and both dryers were occupied with completed loads- and had been for at least twenty minutes.

I wonder if the owner of the clothing formerly in the top dryer will object to my solution of taking a clean, just-from-the-box garbage back, labeling it as "The Former Contents Of The Top Dryer- Your Cycle Completed And I Needed The Machine", moving the clothes from the dryer to my bag, using the dryer myself, and putting the bag in a conspicuous place near the dryers?

...and why can't people just set alarm clocks or timers to remind them when to pick up their clothes? I'd think they'd want to minimize the chance that other people will steal them or, in frustration, throw their clean clothing upon the floor and dump water and laundry detergent on it. (I have seen this happen.)

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I used to regularly empty people's dryer contents into convenient clean-ish containers when waiting for laundry. Never had a gripe once; of course, this wasn't at Wash U, so I don't know if there's some specific WashU laundry culture. If people whine about it, they can rot in fabric softener hell. ;)

I take it you don't have dryers with space on top? Putting people's clothes on top of the dryer was fairly common practice in all the dorms I lived in. The one time I was a few minutes late and it was done and I didn't like it (seeing as it was all my sheets and towels), I just rewashed the load. I've never really seen anyone complain.

The dryers are vertically stacked. You know I'm fairly short, so it's probably not a surprise that I can't even reach on top of the stack; it's enough of a stretch to actually empty the top dryer.

*nods* It sounded like that was the case, but I thought I'd ask just to be sure.

Vertically stacked dryers are not at all made for shorter people. I used to have a horrible time making sure I'd gotten everything out of the top dryer, as there was a place where socks loved to hide right under the lint trap on the bottom of the opening.

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