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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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New userpics
headwall, frustration
My collection of userpics had two rather notable gaps: a distinct lack of *rrrgh* and a distinct lack of "RARRRRH". Thanks to zyleeth, both of these errors have been corrected! I also have more chromatic variation in my scales for these userpics now. I'm a chameleonic sort of dragon, but I tend to prefer blue enough as a color that almost all of my userpics portray me as such...

Anyway, now I can be annoyed or angry in style. Thanks again, Zyleeth!

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, a lot of people forget that, which is why I'm glad I have a userpic that illustrates otherwise! noda's picture of me has a lot of subtle patterned colorings that do show that, but her scanner ate them- I've got the original in a frame sitting on top of my bookshelf, so I can confirm that they really are there!

And don't mind the userpic, I'm just showing it off.

I'm so glad you are pleased with them! Thank you for the LJ subscriptions! ;)

So the icon keywords for the usericon you just used says "spit flowers" like some sort of variant on firebreathing, but for some reason it looks to me more like you ate a large bouqet and are now enjoying a good belch.

Perhaps I should get some sleep before my mind decays any worse.

Anyway, I do indeed like them, and I hope your Paid Account continues to work out for you!

But flowers are so tasty!

Especially combined with some weeds. Violet-and-dandelion sandwiches are surprisingly good, and they can be improved with mustard- in keeping with the theme of the sandwich, there's no reason not to just use mustard plants rather than processed sauce, for that matter.

I had interesting experiences in fourth grade.

Yay raargh in style! :D

Hurrah for userpics :D

She does a great job as always, I am pleased with mine too ^^

*points to hers*

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