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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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chromatic self
All right, so this post has actually been several months in the making, and trying to get it written has been part of my overall low posting rate. But I decided I'd get it done this weekend, so I'm making this my final rewrite.

So a while back, Rakeela and I accidentally stumbled over each other by a mutual- what's the word for someone who's more than an acquaintance but too hazardous to really be a friend?- who thought we would find each other interesting. Well, I suppose xe was right on that count. For each of us, it was a major thing to find someone else as prone to spontaneous geek-outs as ourselves (uh, I'll let y'all untangle that syntax- it's 1:25 AM here, I'm allowed to do horrible things to the English language), and take interest and pleasure in intelligent, analytical conversations. We actually understand each other- both of us are used to having to slow down, back up, and re-explain something in conversation, and we just don't find ourselves doing that very often with each other.

We disagree with each other and then we enjoy discussing the point and researching to get more information than either of us had before. She's gotten me interested in economics and I think I've corrupted her with my computer science. We're both prone to interesting psychic phenomena, which has provided some interesting topics of conversation more than a few times. Even when I'm in my most upset, antisocial moods, talking to her can get me out of it in short order- and I've been informed that I tend to have the same effect on her. (I really haven't been on AIM much recently, for connectivity issue reasons- we've been using an alternate communication medium instead- but I've been overloaded recently, and that completely drains me of any tendencies at all to be social; I've been logging on only to find Rakeela, in general.)

And any of a million other reasons, but all things considered is it really any surprise that we've fallen in love with each other?

This isn't anything we're rushing into. This has been going on for several months, I just haven't said much about it because I don't know how. I still don't, I'm just trying to say something anyway. I want this to be public knowledge. We love each other, and this shows every sign of being a stable, healthy relationship- and I believe and desperately hope it will stay that way for a long time.

So I guess what I'm trying to say in my confused, incoherent way, is that I'm not single, I'm mated to Rakeela, and I love her dearly.

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Yay, relationship cuteness :)

Wow. I would say "congratulations" but that feels a little weird, so maybe the word is "yay". Do I get to meet her at World Finals, assuming we all qualify? :)

[On a more different note, I don't think I've ever figured out what the concept of love means, but that doesn't keep "I Feel Love" from being a pretty song. :) ]

Unlikely for two reasons, unfortunately. One, it's a long-distance relationship (although not as long a distance as many others). Two, I really don't expect to qualify for the ACM World Finals. Last year's regional victory was because of James, Albert, and myself as a team, and even though Albert (the_one_smiley) is trying to convince me to play again this year, that's still just me- Albert's been to two World Finals, and James is going to graduate a semester early so won't still be a student for the Finals and is therefore ineligible. There are two other people interested, but we're all too busy to practice enough- the best we can do is discuss strategy, compare bugs, and play TopCoder. (Which the other two aren't keen on.)

It was a team victory. We used the computer time very efficiently, but the important thing is that our skills complemented each other: I was the algorithmist, James was the coder, and Albert was the mathemetician. If I can get Tom on the team, he's definitely a mathemetician, but I don't know about how well we'd do without James' rockstar coding abilities. Tom and I are good, but James was better.

We'll find out, I suppose!

(Deleted comment)
Well, the reference to "world finals" is that he was on MIT's ACM team- which isn't so close to here! It's almost certain that he'll be at the ACM tournament again, so it's all in whether or not I can qualify. ACM is a team event, and the Washington University team made it to the Finals only because we were all effective as a team. I'm all that's left of that team, so I don't know anything about the teammates I would have were Albert to succeed in convincing me to compete.

Cuteness! =^.^= Also yay! :)

so lovely to hear the rest of us are mud

It's not that I don't care, or don't want to talk, it is that I cannot handle other people when I'm under stress, and I've been under constant stress- it's only now starting to recede.

I get the same way; sometimes I just need to avoid people.... ok, a lot of times I just need to avoid people. ^_^ It's no sweat. ^_^


This is how I and many of the people I know get into relationships. Good, solid, relationships, because we know and like the other person before we fall in love. That's how cattitude and I started; we've been together for 22 years. (Yes, sometimes doing things the other way works for people too.)

Yay! I'm so pleased for you both :)

(Deleted comment)
I admit my memory is pretty bad now but I do remember your name, sadly that's about it :( (I'd give almost anything to have a working memory again)

Ooh, I'm happy for you. ^_^

Add my Yay. *smiles*

I'm happy for the two of you and wish you both well.

A few days ago, I saw the change you made at some point to your user info when I tried to figure out whether you still had a paid account since your comment pages suddenly stopped appearing in your journal's format, and I thought it was cute and sweet and was happy for the two of you then, too.

I stopped using customized journal pages because I changed my primary journal style, and the new style is easier for me to read my Friends Page with but is completely worthless for comment pages. The default settings turn off userpics (which are how I usually tell who made a comment, before I read the username) and result in a really tiny font that's nearly illegible on my dual 17" monitors and is a total lost cause on my high-res 12" monitor. I tried turning the font size up, but then there wasn't enough horizontal room for deep comment threads. So I basically said "screw it" and told it to stop customizing comment pages; default is more legible anyway.

The default is certainly one of the more legible comment page styles I've seen, I sure can't argue with you there. (Pretty new journal style, by the way.) I sometimes really wonder about some of the default settings. Some layouts at least let some of the default settings be customized away, but some ... there's just no real hope for.

(Deleted comment)
Oops! Didn't know you didn't want it distributed. Sorry about that, link removed!

To stable, healthy relationships!

This is awesome, and great. I hope you two have a long, happy relationship.


Well, yay for both of you!

Hooray, I'm a week behind on LJ! ... But even more hooray for the both of you!

kadyg and I know how the falling-into-love thing can go, and I hope you both find as much happiness as we've had. :)

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