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Sorry about the silence

Apologies for my lack of posting of late. My classes have gotten the best of me, and I just haven't had much time- when I have had free time, I've been prioritizing it differently, and making my own LiveJournal posts is not a high priority for me! Although I do have stuff I want to post about- I just haven't gotten around to it. I'll probably write something up over the weekend!

In the meantime: Google has released a new tool- Code Search. It's Google search, but over source code. It's convenient! Of course, the first comment on the Slashdot story about it has a link to search for the word "fuck" in it. I highly recommend this activity. Programmers can appreciate the code and laugh at the shared frustration, knowing the moods that encourage one to write code (comments and variable names both!) in such a way. And non-programmers can appreciate the humor as well...

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