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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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You're Missing The Point
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So back when Meetup.com was free, I wandered to the list for Otherkin near St. Louis, and (as Meetup is still trying to get someone to pony up $20) have been getting spammed ever since when someone else tries to join the maintainerless group. Call me irritable, but this made me *headdesk*:

Someone else just signed up to hear when Other Kin Meetups start near Saint Louis!

Zach Webb from Saint Louis , MO

"email me at ********@gmail.com if you're in or near the St Louis area. I'm looking for a good group to start and/or join. I can play and run anything WW (old world or new) and just about anything d20."

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Yeah I got that for the Fur and Were groups too here in Saint Louis

Remove yourself from their spam-list? There's got to be an opt-out mechanism in each message. If they don't stop, contact them directly and demand that they do. if they still don't stop when you withdraw permission for them to mail you, report them to the FCC as spammers.


Please tell me you emailed this person?


How did Otherkin ever get looped up with RPGing, anyway. I mean, yeah there's a minor connection, but it's MINOR.

(I suppose it doesn't help that I'm an avid D&Der.)

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