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Just another WTF in the random number generator of ResLife

One of my suitemates seems to have developed the objectionable habit of urinating on the floor.

Strangely, this is not one of the many situations they seem to cover in the standard advice handbook, and apparently the RA manual is equally silent on such matters. It seems, somehow, that most people do not piss on the carpet of the common room. Apparently, I am one of the lucky few who has been assigned a suite with just such a person. How this incontinent ape wasn't booted out of campus housing last year, I don't know; perhaps this is a new hobby of his he developed over the summer. I'm assuming the perpetrator is male; my intuition is that the logistics of peeing on the flour are significantly more difficult for those not equipped with a dangly thing for the purpose.

As you might imagine, I'm rather pissed about this. I've leaked the story to the RA; since the particular suitemate I have suspicions of (that is to say, the one in the room I saw someone moving out of to the common room and then heard the sounds of urination while I was using the proper receptacle for such activities) wasn't in, she got to view (and smell) the evidence for herself. She's going to be bringing the RCD in on this, and together we're all going to try to figure out what the fuck to do. This is, apparently, not a common situation.

Y'know, the really noisy neighbors of my freshman and junior years are seeming less objectionable by the day.

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