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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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At The Grocery Store
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8+8+8 = 48? 8+8+8 = 48?

Perhaps someone who understands math better than me can explain this one.

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It should actually be 72 because they come in three languages.

Maybe it's a double pack? :P


it is the new New NEW maths.

One plus one is one.

An odd plus and odd is an odder

An even plus and odd is an oddysey

And one, plus an odder plus an oddysey, is a MaxiPack

I should think it's obvious. There's not 48 of anything in the pack. That's just to indicate that they're made out of 48-gauge plastic.

(I hope you weren't going to use them to pick up anything heavier than a Cheerio.)

Heh, I was going to add a post here about how they've just got their font's digits scrambled, but I thought it said 8+8 instead of 8+8+8, so I found that there was no possible assignment that could work.

But since there's 8+8+8, the joke works; someone's just swapped the digits in their font. Now it is [0 4 2 3 1 8 6 7 5 9]

Translating back, 5 + 5 + 5 = 15, which works!

Alternatively, the product maker was working in Base 4. But this got miscommunicated to the package designer, who thought they said, "Multiply everything by four."

Hence, 2 + 2 + 2 = 12.

I really hope they weren't trying to sell this package for much. A mere six pieces of unusably thin plastic ... ;)

Numbers are arbitrary

A^2-B^2 = BA-B^2
(A+B)(A-B) = B(A-B)
(A+B) = B (cancel like arguments)
A+B = B
B+B = B
2B = B (divide by B)
2 = 1

so, if 2=1 then 24=48, EASY!

Re: Numbers are arbitrary

I've seen that one many times before! I know someone who has it on a T-shirt.

The second-to-last line is an implication that B = 0, but there's an illegal move before that:

(A+B)(A-B) = B(A-B)
(A+B) = B

The thing is, we're given that A=B at the start. Therefore, (A-B) = 0. The illegal step is a divide across: you can't divide by (A - B) when (A = B) because that's a divide by zero.

Dividing by zero is fun!

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